One of the most cosmopolitan islands of Greece, Corfu is located on the northern side of the Ionian Sea. It charms visitors with the Venetian style, the lovely beaches and the relaxing feeling. Many beautiful beaches are found around the island with colorful waters, surrounded from picturesque nature. Corfu holidays can be a great experience for families, couples or group of friends, as it has something special for everyone.


Paxos and Antipaxos islands are located 7 miles south of Corfu. The capital of Paxos is the graphical Gaios ,which is naturally protected by two islets, the Virgin Mary and Saint Nicolas. Paxos is dominated by olive groves and Antipaxos by vineyards which produce the famous black wine. Antipaxos is also famous for the exotic beaches Vrika and Voutoumi. Once-in-a-lifetime experiences to look the sunset from the white cliffs at Erimitis, explore caves and hike in search of historic monuments. Two beautiful islands that you will never forget!


The islet of Antipaxos is famous for its beautiful beaches and offers some of the best swimming and snorkeling opportunities in Greece. Voutoumi and Vrika, the two main beaches of Antipaxos are located at the north end of the islet and both beaches are safe for all people. To the south of these two beaches, there are a few small and beautiful secluded coves


Kassiopi is one of the most beautiful and well known resorts in Corfu, where visitors return year after year. A place that combines mountain with sea, green with blue, new with old, tranquillity with liveliness, the locals that make you feel welcome and important to them, it fulfils the needs of all ages with many choices for day or night. Kassiopi is situated on the north east coast of Corfu at 36 kilometres from Corfu Town and is surrounded by lush green slopes of olive trees and charming little bays.
Kassiopi harbour with its little square is today the focal point of the town’s social life by day and a pretty trendy place by night on the contrary has plenty of quieter calmer bars and restaurants, the latter a mix of tourist and traditional, with particularly good fresh fish thanks to local fishermen. There are numerous restaurants serving traditional dishes . You will also see the ruins of the Byzantine castle that used to protect the town and its port and was guarding the sea route from Corfu to the opposite coast.


In Greek the word ‘agni’ means ‘pure’ and this beautiful bay in the heart of Corfu on the north east coastline is pure Greece, pure relaxation and beauty!

A protected deep bay with a very pretty pebble and shingle beach is home to three of the most talked about restaurants in Corfu. Each restaurant has its own jetty and a good number of visitors arrive by yacht and moor up. During the peak summer months Agni Bay is a hub of activity; in the local restaurants you’ll need to book to get a good table to enjoy the excellent food for which it is so rightly renowned . In the early and late summer months it is a peaceful heaven.

From Agni you can walk along the coast past Yaliskari beach to Kalami to enjoy a change of scenery. Excellent water sports are provided here along with a larger choice of shops and restaurants.


Syvota is considered as one of the most exotic destinations within Greece; lacy shores, luscious green islets, long sheltered beaches with crystal clear waters and secret coves, are just some of the settlement’s characteristics that nature has open handedly offered.Discover your own secret coves or shores and let the magic of paradise overtake you.


Also known as the “Caribbean of Greece”, Lefkada stands out for its exotic ambiance and breathtaking natural landscape!
The main reason why the island is wildly famous is its beaches! You might have seen many pictures of the iconic seashores of Lefkada, but, trust us, the reality far exceeds any expectations! Sandy and shingly, with mesmerizing turquoise waters, surrounded by wild nature, the beaches will amaze you!

Let us set the scene… Dramatic cliff backdrops, white sand and pebbles glistening in the Ionian sun, crystal clear, turquoise waters and a wild natural landscape join forces to create some of the best beaches you’ve ever seen!.


Meganisi boasts a beautiful natural setting, as it is carpeted with lush greenery and has enticingly clean emerald waters.
The lack of mass tourism on the island makes it a top destination for those who love isolation and privacy.
The main village of Vathy is a very picturesque village! It stretches around the island’s port, where many yachts and boats moor every summer, creating a cosmopolitan feel.As for the beaches, they are mostly secluded.


Ideally located in the heart of the Ionian sea, Kefalonia has inspired many with its beauty and has been the filming location of the famous movie “Captain Corelli’s Mandolin”.
Indeed, wherever you set your eyes on, you’ll see nature at its best! Kefalonia is not only the biggest Greek island of the Ionian Sea but also one of the most beautiful!
Boasting a breathtaking natural landscape with exotic beaches, picturesque fishing villages and magical underground caves, it is one of the best destinations in Greece for nature lovers!


Carpeted with lush greenery, dotted with quaint villages and having exotic beaches, the island oozes charm in abundance!
The only way to immerse yourself in the magic of this place is to explore it. What’s interesting about these villages is that they have managed to keep their traditional identity despite the touristic development. As for its beaches, they share the same exotic setting with their Ionian neighbors!


Zakynthos is one of the most exotic Greek islands. Sitting in the heart of the mesmerizing Ionian sea, it boasts a wonderful natural landscape and magical beaches.
Exploring the island, you’ll discover picturesque hilltop villages, traditional monasteries and dreamy natural landscapes.
What’s more, the beaches are home to the endangered sea turtle species Caretta-Caretta, which lay their eggs in the fine white sand every year.
The trademark of Zante, as the island is known in Italian, is the scenic Navagio (Shipwreck) beach. Many pictures and postcards have tried to capture its beauty, but the reality is far better! Only accessible by boat, Navagio beach has magical turquoise waters, white sand and is backed by dramatic towering cliffs.